What makes Kanban Project the best Kanban software in 2020?

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Employees working together with kanban

The year is 2020 and Work from home is the new norm. In a time where the world has been hit by a pandemic, how do companies ensure that the productivity of their employees is not hampered? The answer comes in the form of Project management tools also another name would be Kanban tools. The internet is flooded with a number of these kanban tools or project management platforms. Some popular ones are Trello, kanban tool, kanbanize, and so on. So what makes Kanban project any different from the rest of these tools? Let’s have a look at what makes Kanban project the best kanban software in 2020.

Are they really “free”

Firstly, let’s emphasize the term “free”. Of the existing software, how many of them in your opinion is free? Well, to be completely honest, none of them are! Yes, none of the software is actually free. Although they do have a free version, but most of the features are locked in the free version. Therefore, although you will have access to the software or platform, it is equivalent to not having any access because of the huge amount of restrictions that are put in the free plan. This is where Kanban Project is a game-changer. We are a completely free platform dedicated to helping the small teams and individuals and we do not have any restrictions on our free plan and one can have full access to all the features in our software. We pride ourselves in being a “ .com” with the heart of a “.org”.

What about the features?

Secondly, one question you should ask is- Does all these project management software have all the features? To be fair, many of these popular software lacks some of the basic features. For example, Trello, which is a very popular tool does not have swimlanes. If you want to know how this is a major downside, read this article to know the relevance of swimlanes. Similarly, kanban tool, which is a big player in the current market does not have backlog management support and allows very limited customization on the kanban cards. So, here again Kanban project leads the way with a wide range of features that we have incorporated into our platform after extensively studying the current market and the shortcomings. 

Is it easy to use?

Okay, you are looking for a project management or kanban platform to improve team productivity. You find a platform and register on it. BUT, instead, it turns out it is not as simple as you thought it would be and you end up spending a lot of time figuring it out than actually implementing it. Your team suffers as a result of this.

This is a common scenario with most of the kanban platforms. They are not as easy to use as they seem. We have understood this problem and came up with Kanban project. You would not require spending time to learn how to use the platform. It has a very simple user interface and coupled with simple drag and drop features, Kanban project is aimed at increasing your team’s coordination rather than troubling the user with the nitty gritty of the platform. Our collaborative kanban boards ensure that your team stays on the chartered course and gain the maximum out of the coordinated efforts.

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