Learn Kanban Methodology

A short Guide to Kanban Project

*Disclaimer* The visuals used in this guide is only for tutorial purpose. The actual interface of the Kanban Project would be different. The purpose of using this simple interface for the tutorial is to enable a better understanding of the features. Let’s start with the kanban board at a glance.

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Planning with Kanban project

Why do we need to plan? Well, for the simple reason that human beings have the tendency to forget things! Yes, we often lie to ourselves saying that “ I do not need to write this down, I will remember it” and yet, we end up forgetting about it completely.

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Kanban vs scrum – know the 6 key differences

Many use the terms Scrum and Kanban interchangeably (and incorrectly). Although Kaban and Scrum can go hand in hand, there exists significant differences between the two. Let’s have a look at what makes these two methodologies different in this Kanban vs Scrum post. How do they differ? Roles and responsibilities–

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What is Scrum?

Understanding the framework Scrum is an agile framework that helps teams to work together and deliver value in short intervals. Scrum encourages teams to learn through experience and work collaboratively on complex products and strive for continuous improvement. It emphasizes on the iterative process of software development in a rapidly

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What is kanban in agile?

What is agile? Agile methodology is a practice that centers around continuous iteration of development and testing by self-organizing and cross-functional teams throughout the Software development life-cycle. Agile is an alternative to the traditional or waterfall model of software development. It is an ideal process for those who want to

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