How kanban software can help you to improve team efficiency

Scrum vs. Kanban: How to combine the best of both methods with Scrumban
Teams working with kanban board

We are familiar with Kanban as a work visualization tool that was introduced by Taichi Ohno in the Toyota production system. Since then, Kanban has traveled a long way from the car manufacturing sector to the software industry. But, we have a misconception that the use of kanban is restricted to only the manufacturing and software industry. This is however not the case and kanban can be applied in every sector. Kanban can also be applied by individuals to keep a track of their activities and maintain their workflow. See this article on how a medical professional can use a kanban board to plan his activities better.

How do kanban software benefit teams?

Have you come across the term agile? If not, agile is a method where teams focus on continuous improvement. It does not scrap the old process of doing things but focuses on continuous improvement and small changes that can improve the overall efficiency. In this regard, kanban software help teams to become agile and stick to the agile method. The main element of kanban is the kanban board which is the guiding compass for the teams.

Now, in the era of remote working, having a physical kanban board is not a viable option. This is where kanban software comes into play. Platforms like the kanban project, kanban tool, etc provide a digital Kanban board that can be accessed virtually from any part of the world. Online Kanban boards also have several other advantages over the physical boards such as the solution to space constraints, visibility of the board, the task of manually clearing and updating the board, and so on. Having a digital kanban board also allows users to access it from anywhere and at any time. All you have to do is go on the internet and log in to the kanban platform.

How the different components in an online kanban software help teams?

Online kanban software is not very different from the physical kanban boards. However, it would be fair to say that online software has a lot of advantages over the physical ones. Let’s have a look at how kanban software are better than physical kanban boards and how it can help teams:

  • The first and foremost improvement that Kanban software brings is powerful visual cues. Software like the Kanban Project provides various customization features on the kanban cards including card colors, card icons, and so on. Therefore, teams can read and understand data by just a glance through these powerful visual cues.
  • These software also brings built-in work- in- process limits. These help to reduce multitasking and leads to an increase in process throughput.
  • These software ensures that your team sticks with the principles and practices by having underlying principles attached to the kanban cards that control the behavior of the cards on board. They also help in setting due dates and reminders for the team.
  • Kanban project also provides the ability to handle multiple projects or products simultaneously. This is done by the introduction of swimlanes which are horizontal lines, separating one project from the other.
  • The best part about these software is that they provide comprehensive reports. This help to identify the areas that need improvement, highlight the bottlenecks, and throw light on the lead time and cycle time.
  • Platforms like the kanban project provide an interactive kanban board that allows teams to interact seamlessly. Thus, no matter where you are, always stay connected to your team.

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