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Collaborative kanban board with swimlanes, backlog management, message board, project management and planning.

We did a thorough review of existing Kanban tools, and most of them are either costly, or they just don’t work, really! So, we decided to reimagine and re-invent visual project management.

We are building a new Kanban, with Swimlanes, Backlogs, Message Boards.. more.

Totally Free for small teams and individuals.​

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(Launching on Wednesday, 30th September 2020)


But, why a new Kanban Tool?

We evaluated existing Kanban Tools, and found them to either be seriously lacking or incomplete, or too expensive (especially for smaller companies and indie makers). Lets take a dive –

KanbanTool has very limited set of customizations allowed on cards, and we couldn’t see any backlog management support either. Additionally, they only allow 2 boards and 2 users in the free plan. Pretty limiting.

KanbanFlow seemed like a good option at first, with unlimited boards and unlimited users in the free plan, but they won’t let you use swimlanes or reporting features. They also only offer very static boards with little room for customizations.

Similar other options unfortunately had similar limitations.

What about Trello?

Trello is great, in fact we’ve used it for some time. But we realized that planning is much more than just a kanban board that Trello offers.

First of all, Trello doesn’t have swimlanes despite being so popular. Like seriously. THAT’S A HUGE DEAL BREAKER. Most people intend to use single board for projects, and swimlanes really help divide the project across teams, features, streams and sometimes by priority or types. Trello just refuse to offer swimlanes despite being in the market for a long time.

Trello also doesn’t offer backlogs.

There are basic things that we found missing as well, like assigning priority to cards.

Our primary motivation for building a new Kanban Tool has been to support small teams, small companies & Indie makers, keeping it completely free for them. We’re committed to perfectionize Kanban, the way it should be. We’re a .com with a heart of .org.

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Why Kanban?

Over the years, Kanban boards are proven to be perfect tools for visual project management and team planning. Kanban boards not only help you visualize different aspects of a project, they also help make sure that the team is on track to meet the goals, and that right tasks are prioritized. Kanban boards also provide a single platform for the entire team to communicate over a project.


Why is Kanban project free?

We’re a team of professional developers, and we build all our technology in-house. This allows us to keep our costs low, hence offering the online kanban software free for individuals, indie hackers and makers and small teams.

What if I need another feature?

Please reach out to us at . We’re actively prioritizing new features.

Does kanban project offer swimlanes?

Yes. Along with that, Kanban Project also offers an intuitive drag-drap UI, backlog grooming and complete product and project management, priority tracking, badges and more. Please check our full feature list for details.

What is backlog management?

Backlog management helps you quickly split your project into tasks and milestone. Backlogs also help track operational excellence.

What about trello?

Trello is great, and we’ve used it in the past. However Trello lack basic planning features like swimlanes and backlog management. Irrespective, you should definitely check it out.

How many kanban boards can I create?

Any number that you need. Kanban project is free of cost.

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Online Real-time Team Collaboration with Kanban board

KanbanProject is a visual product management tool that gives a perfect overview of the current work status and simplifies team collaboration and communication.

Let your  team members collaborate easily in real-time by sharing tasks, information, and comments, anytime and from anywhere.

kanban tool planning

Visual Project Management with Kanban Methodology

Kanban is a lean product and project management methodogloy that helps you and your team visualize tasks, limit parallel work, and ensure a smooth flow of delivery in any enterprise.

With Kanban Project, you can visualize and continuously improve work processes to increase your team’s delivery efficiency.

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Control your data the way your organization need. Reach out to us at to learn more.

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KanbanProject is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

We strive to build tools that help individuals, indie makers and small teams to run their businesses free of cost.

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